So it has been Amy, James and Johnny's last show as the presenters of the Year 6 podcasts.  Let us know how you think they got on and leave any messages for them by commenting here!
Mrs Hodkin
1/27/2013 04:42:45 am

Hello Amy James and Johnny
I thought you were absolutely brilliant as our first team for Rowledge Podcasts. The content has been very interesting and entertaining and you have sounded very professional.I was particularly impressed with Emily and Maddie's harmony in their singing. I am looking forward to the next edition. Don't forget to drop into Choir practice to hear our rendition of Sing or Rule the world. Well done.

podcast team
1/30/2013 07:16:32 pm

thank you Mrs Hodkin we had a lot of fun and we hope you have enjoyed them!

Year 2
1/27/2013 10:15:27 pm

We have really liked your podcasts. They have been fantastic and we cannot wait to hear the next one. We will really miss you and we hope that you also thought they were brilliant. We hope that everyone in the school likes your podcasts. YEAR TWO LOVE YOUR PODCASTS!!!

podcast team
1/30/2013 07:17:13 pm


Nicola from Year 6
1/31/2013 01:18:03 am

I love the podcast they are amazing (or brill as Amy would say) I am going to miss James,Amy and Johnny being on the podcast! p.s please make me one of the new presenters i would LOVE to be one thank you and congrats

Nicola from year 6
1/31/2013 01:19:30 am

well done for the website Hannah and Mr Yates!

Mr Yates
1/31/2013 04:05:45 pm

Hannah has done all the real work on the website! Well done Hannah!

Harvey from y2
2/4/2013 11:51:57 pm

the podcasts were brilliant and you put in really good song.]


podcast team
2/10/2013 07:31:57 pm

Thanks every one for your comments and remember we are always looking for new people to be on the podcast! maybe you could be the one playing an instrement for us???????????????????????????????????

2/27/2013 01:48:42 am

The podcasts are awesome! You're doing a great job guys!
I really love listening to the music and the netball reports I'm really excited about the next podcast! Keep up the good work!!!!!

podcast team
3/5/2013 07:24:10 pm

Emily, now your doing great aswell you are the newest Special Feature Person (SFP)! IT is your turn to have a great Oppurtunity!

3/6/2013 03:36:26 am

Thank you to albie for making me the new producer, I am over the moon!!

Nicola (New Producer)
3/7/2013 12:09:52 am

Hi Guys
I am the new producer for the 8th and 9th podcast!
I am very sorry but due to illness and time the 8th podcast if going to be out late :-( i am very sorry, me and my fellow team mates are working outr socks of to try and get it finished and i am sure it will be out on tuesday!!!!!!!

Podcast team (Hannah)
3/10/2013 11:18:42 pm

Oh Nicki Poor you! i hope you get better for the Podcasts - your right they really are working their socks off! BTW you (as a producer) get to do this Podcast group and the next one! so that is 4 podcasts that you are doing! just to Confirm, You choose a new producer at the end of the second group that you are Producer for! Remember to choose a BOY as the next Producer though!

Podcast Team
3/10/2013 11:20:43 pm

Hi Guys! Make sure you check out other places to leave comments - we like to read your different thoughts!

Y5, Their are sign up sheets outside your classroom door to sign up for playing an instrement in the Y6 Podcast! Anyone intreseted?

Ben (Podcast gaming expert)
3/17/2013 11:01:54 pm

So-long guys you shall be missed.

Nicki (new producer)
3/18/2013 04:15:05 am

Sorry the ninth podcast is late because we have had to change a music act from Lily to Lily and Maddy!!!!! will be out by Wednesday and I think the 10th podcast will be out early like 2morro


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